Healthy Lawns with Little Water

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Originally, buffalo turf, or grass, grew wild on the expansive prairies of the United States. Aside from feeding millions of buffalo, the thick, matted turf provided the basis for sod homes for the early settlers, who cut out patches and used them for building. While the variety of buffalo turf used along the Central Coast in Australia is a similar variety, it’s still slightly different to the American variety. However, it maintains the same qualities that make it so desirable for today’s landscaping, such as drought- and heat-tolerance.

As a perennial grass, buffalo turf delights homeowners with its low maintenance and low water usage. The new varieties grow within 6 to 8 inches and have smaller visible seeds to make a more attractive turf. However, many varieties of buffalo grass do not thrive in wetter environments, making it a poor choice for regions with abundant rainfall.

Every buffalo turf variety spreads by the production of stolons, which are the visible stems that grow out just above the ground and take root by the nodes to create new plants. Moreover, the grass is dioecious, which means the flowers are both male and female. With its characteristic blue-green and grey-green hue, buffalo grass makes an excellent ground cover for hill sides and large lawns.

Benefits of Buffalo Turf

  • Low Fertilisation Requirements: Buffalo grass needs only a minimum amount of fertilisation. Mature lawns need only one to 1 kilogram of nitrogen per 93 sqaure metres annually. Other grass varieties can take as much as 2 to 3 kilograms of nitrogen per year.
  • Water Conservation: Buffalo turf is highly drought resistant and can survive a dry summer by going dormant only to quickly revive as soon as it receives moisture. To maintain a green lawn throughout the summer months, use consistent irrigation.
  • Low Growing: Buffalo turf ranges between 8 to 20 centimetres in height, reducing the need for frequent mowing.
  • Fewer Insect Infestations: Very few insects take up residence in buffalo turf, reducing the need for insecticides.

Disadvantages of Buffalo Turf

Although hardy, buffalo grass has some minor disadvantages to consider:

  • Seed and sod can be expensive.
  • The turf does not thrive in wet environments.
  • Shorter growing season than other grasses.

The primary disadvantage is that the range of adaptation can be limited. The grass hails from the drier regions of the Great Plains area of the United States and thrives in similar conditions. However, if you need a hardy grass in a dry climate, buffalo turf makes a superior choice. For more information about this turn, contact Mardi Park Turf.

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5 Things to do With Old Furniture — Rather Than Throwing it Away!

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Before you chuck that old bench or buffet into the trash because it’s scuffed and far past the point of no return, try these ideas to fall in love with the piece again. These ideas are also great for hand-me-down furniture that becomes part of your collection whether you love it or not.

Replace Upholstery

Nothing makes a chair or sofa look more dated than an upholstery pattern that’s obviously several decades past its heyday. Furthermore, a well-loved chair can also look quite worn. However, you can give your furniture a refresher with new fabric, which you can pick out yourself from the local fabric store to match the entire new decor of a room.

Pick Out Paint

If you’re no longer happy with the chipped varnish on an armoire or chest of drawers, consider paint. Choose from a matte or glossy solid colour. Add patterns with stencils and check out the Internet for DIY ideas. You don’t need to stick to ‘traditional’ colours. Bold colours and pastels can make an old piece of furniture look new again. Chalkboard paint on an old mirror gives it a new purposes, and watercolour effects show off your artistic side. Of course, if you want to bring the original finish back to life to showcase the natural beauty of a piece of wooden furniture, you’ll want to research furniture restorers Melbourne residents trust.

Find Another Use

Although you might be sick of that night stand, perhaps you’ll like it better as a telephone. If you’re feeling especially adventurous, you could turn your old CRT television into an aquarium. Other ideas include turning an old wooden door into the headboard for your bed or using an old, low dresser for a his-and-hers vanity in the bathroom. You can even dress up small drawers and use them like shadow boxes to display keepsakes on the wall or turn the pedestal of a table into a lamp base.

Frame It Up

Old picture frames, windows frames and even shutters can turn into interesting pieces of art on your walls. Use them to frame new photos, hang towels in the bathroom or simply to create something similar to wainscoting without all the effort. Plus, you can create symmetry in a room that’s asymmetrical by creating faux windows with indoor shutters. In fact, if you’re good with your hands, you could even create an island for your kitchen with old windows.

To learn more, contact Clifton Upholstery.

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Get Your Home Ready for Summer

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When the warm weather is right around the corner, it is essential that you make sure that your home is ready for the transition. Warm weather is lovely, but it is a time that your home can take a bit of a beating, so be ready to take just a few essential maintenance jobs. Doing these jobs can make it much easier for you to enjoy your time in the sun.

Check Your Air Conditioner Filters
Whether you have central air or you use wall units, you will discover that your air conditioner filters need to be cleaned or replaced. The issue with these filters is that the more clogged they are, the less your air conditioner will be able to do its job. Check the filters and make sure that that cold air enters your home freely and easily.

Check Your Trees
Before you start enjoying yourself in the shade, make sure that you check the boughs above you. The problem is that over the winter, branches can snap and trees that were healthy can become frail. When the warm weather comes on, look around and make sure that the branches are in good shape. Are there trees that have lost a substantial number of branches? Are there trees that seem to have branches that are not blooming like the others do? If your trees look a little weathered after the winter, it is time to call in an arborist.

Check Your Screens
When you remove your storm windows and you are ready to replace them with screens, make sure that you take a moment to check your window screens for disrepair. A faulty screen can let all sorts of unpleasant surprises into your home, and you would be surprised to see what can come through a one-inch slit. When you are looking for window screens Perth has many options available to you.

Seal Your Home
You may think that sealing up your home is a chore for winter, but it is also important in the summer. If you run the air conditioner, you will discover that the cool air does like to escape, and you can prevent that by sealing your home tightly. Check your windows to make sure that the weather-proofing did not wear away in the winter, and check the basement for cracks, as spring can be a time for water damage if you are not careful.

Summer is a wonderful time to think about the beach and about lots of fun in the sun, but before you head out, consider what your home needs! Call Custom Screens and Security Products for more information.

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How to Maintain Your Home to Reduce Summer Allergies

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Are you experiencing allergies within your home? Bad allergies can be extremely distressing and can even lower your immune system, leading to additional illness. Though there are many medical treatments for allergies, you may also want to tackle the issue within your house. Here are a few things you can do to reduce potential allergy triggers in your home.

Get Steam Cleaning for Carpets, Drapery and Upholstery

Allergens can get into your carpeting, furniture and other cloth items such as drapery. Once this happens, it’s usually difficult to remove them through simple vacuuming. Invest in carpet steam cleaning and upholstery cleaning in Hawthorn to reduce the dust and particles. Once you have also addressed your air quality, fewer allergens will be introduced into your home overall.

Change Your Air Filters and Clean Your Ducts

Particles will often get sucked into a central air system and remain there until they are cleaned out. While they are there they may be distributed into all rooms of your home; you may even find your allergies getting worse during the summer months because you’re using your air conditioner more. A duct cleaning is essential to both reducing allergies and increasing the efficiency of your central air system. The EPA offers some information on how you can determine whether it’s time to clean your ducts.

Keep Your Windows and Doors Sealed

Make sure that your windows and your doors are sealed and closed throughout the day. Opening your windows even a crack can let pollen and other particles in. Allergens may also come in through open garage doors; make sure that your interior garage door is also well sealed. Sealing these doors and windows also has the side effect of making your insulation better.

Tackle Mould in Your Kitchen and Bathroom

Apart from pollen, animal fur and dust, mould is another common trigger for allergies. You can reduce the possibility of mould by wiping off all of your wet surfaces, such as sinks and showers, with anti-bacterial solutions on a regular basis. Make sure that none of the materials in your house are wet for any lengthy periods of time, such as towels or bath mats.

If you still can’t seem to reduce your allergies, you may want to get an air quality test. An air quality test will let you know whether there truly is a problem within your home or whether you may be reacting to the air outside of your home or other allergy triggers.

Visit Chris Home Cleaning Services today to learn more about cleaning your home to reduce allergies.

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Storage Options in Melbourne

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When you have an abundance of items in your home that you don’t know what to do with, don’t throw them away. Look at your outdoor storage options Melbourne companies offer. There are numerous ways to keep your belongings safe from the weather while keeping them out of the way of the family inside the house.

A Storage Ottoman
Ottomans aren’t just for the couch or chair anymore. This is an option if you don’t have a lot of extra belongings or if you want to keep a few things on a carport. It is the ideal solution for children’s outdoor toys. You can get a plain ottoman to paint in any colour that you like. Each child can have one, and you can let them decorate the ottoman so that they know which one is theirs. These also double as a seat.

Storage Bench with Wheels
While you are working outside planting flowers, take your tools with you. A storage bench with wheels on one end is similar to a wheelbarrow, but no one will know what’s inside. It has a lid that opens up so that you can easily place all of your gardening supplies inside. The bench can also be used to store pool toys or yard games. There is a handle on one end to make it easy to push or pull around the yard.

Tool Rack
This isn’t the typical rack that you would place on a garage wall. This rack looks like a spice rack that you might have in your kitchen. There are sections in the rack where you can place shovels, rakes, hoes and other items that you use in the yard. It keeps the larger tools out of the yard so that children don’t get hurt when walking through the grass. The rack can be placed almost anywhere including a garage or storage shed.

The Shed
When you have several large items to store or you need a space for holiday decorations or boxes with belongings you don’t use often, then a storage shed is a solution. There are many types of sheds depending on how much space you need. One with doors that open out is best so that you can easily get inside. A small ramp can be placed in front of the door if you plan to keep your lawn mower in the shed. Add a light to make it easier to find items at night. Shelves can be added to store smaller boxes and items that you don’t want sitting on the floor.
For more information, contact Superior Self Storage.

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4 Key Steps in Preparing for a Big House Move

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It’s time to move. There are no doubt many emotions that you and your family are feeling as you prepare to leave the place you have called home for years or even decades. Unfortunately, with everything that needs to be done before a big house move is made, there is not a lot of time for emotions. This time can be hectic, but if you plan had and pack properly, the moving process should go smoothly and easily.

Clean up

As soon as you know you will be moving to a new location, you should start cleaning. The focus of this clean is not to get rid of dust bunnies and trash. Instead, the focus should be on getting rid of unnecessary items. There is no point in wasting precious moving space and precious time in transporting any items that you don’t even want to keep. Clean up and clean out.

Cancel and change mail

At this point, you should also consider all of the paperwork that needs to be done before the big move. You will want to tell your insurance companies, doctors, vet, bank, schools and other institutions that you are moving. Notify all of the places who send you mail, and then have your address changed officially at the post office. Make sure that all of these locations know your official moving date, however, because otherwise you might stop getting your mail too early or too late, and precious letters and information could end up in post office limbo. Finally, cancel or transfer any magazine subscriptions.

Cancel and change utilities

You will also need to notify all of the utility companies that you’ll be moving. Depending on how far away you’re going, you may decide to cancel providers altogether, or it may be more feasible to stick with certain providers for phone, cable, internet, water, gas or electric. The choices are yours in most cases, but just be sure to do this far ahead of time to avoid extra service and cancellation fees that may incur.

Pack up and ship out

It’s time to organise every material thing in your life into boxes. This is ultimately the most difficult part of moving, and for that reason, it is wise to consider professional removalists to come and help with the step and the next step of actually transporting your items. There are many advantages to hiring removalists from Newcastle. They can use their own boxing and packing materials, do most of the packing work for you to save you time, do the heavy lifting and drive the huge moving truck that requires a special license. Make sure to book these guys far in advance for the best rates.

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Ideas for Painting Your Interior Walls

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If you are looking for a great way to transform a room in your home that doesn’t cost a lot of money, you may want to think about hiring interior painters Gold Coast to paint the room. You can drastically change the look of your space with these interesting paint ideas.

The Chair Rail

One idea to dress up your room and make it look more formal is to install a chair rail around the entire room. Then, instead of painting the walls using the same colour, try this trick. Choose two paint colours that complement each other. Paint the top portion of the walls above the chair rail with the lighter colour, and then paint the walls beneath the chair rail using the darker colour. For example, you may use a light blue above the chair rail and a navy blue below the chair rail. You can paint the chair rail bright white to make it stand out even more. You can even choose two bold colours like red on top and black on the bottom to make a bold statement in your space.

The Stripes

Another interesting idea is to paint stripes on the wall. You can choose two complementary or contrasting colours to use for the stripes. However, you will need to decide whether you want to paint horizontal stripes or vertical ones. You can use a tan paint and a dark brown paint to create a formal, sophisticated space, or you can use black and white paint for a modern vibe. If you are unsure about painting the whole room in stripes, you can always choose one wall to be the feature wall and only paint stripes on that wall. You can also decide how thin or wide you want your stripes to be. Thin stripes might look more serious while wider stripes can look more whimsical.

Wainscoting Ideas

One other great idea is to install wainscoting on the walls around the room. You can paint the wainscoting white and then paint the walls above it in another colour to create a visual contrast in the space. For example, you might paint the walls a cheerful shade of green or a contemporary shade of dark purple to stand out against the white wainscoting. If you choose to paint the wainscoting a dark colour, choose a lighter colour for the walls to make the wainscoting stand out as a decorative accent in the room.

You deserve to live in a beautiful home. Use interior paint to create spaces that will make your smile. For more ideas on how to paint your walls, contact Painting Trends.

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