How to Get Lipstick out of Your Carpet in 3 Easy Steps

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While you’d prefer to keep your lipstick on your lips and off your carpet, it doesn’t always work out that way. It might have fallen out of your purse, or your toddler might have decided to use it as a crayon. Regardless of how it got on your carpet, use these simple steps to get that stain cleaned up fast.

Gathering Your Gear

When you have fresh lipstick smeared into your carpet, you have to work quickly to get it cleaned up. The longer it sits there, the more time the stain has to set, and the harder it will be to clean. In order to get the lipstick out of your carpet you will need:

  • White towel
  • White cloth
  • Ice cold water
  • Bowl
  • Alcohol
  • Hydrogen peroxide
  • Carbonated water

1. Picking Up The Excess Lipstick

Put some ice cubes into a bowl of cold water and set it aside. Then, press a dry towel into the stain to pick up as much of the lipstick colour as you can. Don’t rub the stain or you’ll damage your carpet and push the lipstick further down into the carpet. Just press down as firmly as you can with the towel.

If you see any lipstick colour on the towel when you lift it up, turn the towel so that you have a clean portion under your hands and repeat the process. Keep turning your towel and pressing it into the stain until you’re barely picking up any more colour.

If you don’t have any more clean areas on your towel, start using a different one so you don’t accidentally transfer the lipstick back onto the carpet. Once you’re satisfied that you can’t pick up any more lipstick with the dry towel, get a new one and grab your bowl of ice-cold water.

Dip your towel into the water and wring it out so that it is only slightly damp. Press it firmly into the stain and hold it for five seconds. If you notice that any lipstick has transferred to the towel when you lift it up, keep repeating this process until you can’t pick up any more. Otherwise, move on to the next step.

2. Blotting Up The Stain

Put some alcohol on a cloth and gently dab it on the stain, working from the outer edge in towards the centre. Remember to always work from the outside toward the middle so you don’t spread the stain and make it bigger. Keep blotting and dabbing the alcohol until you’ve covered the entire stain.

Let it sit for five minutes, and then drizzle some carbonated water over it and blot it up with a dry cloth. If there are any traces of the stain left, put some more alcohol on your cloth and dab the entire stain again. Leave it to sit for approximately 15 minutes.

Then, drizzle more carbonated water onto the stain, and blot it up with your dry cloth again. Your lipstick stains should completely disappear.

3. Giving Tough Lipstick Stains The Boot

If the alcohol didn’t remove every last trace of the lipstick from your carpet, it’s time to bring out the heavy artillery. Put some hydrogen peroxide on a cloth, blot the stain thoroughly, and let it sit for 30 minutes. When the time is up, your carpet should look fresh, clean, and lipstick-free.

If you still can’t get the stains cleaned off your carpet, call a carpet cleaning professional to get the lipstick stains cleaned up off your carpet for you.

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Four Key Points to Remember When Renovating Your Kitchen for the First Time

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If you want to coordinate and plan your own major kitchen renovation for the first time, here are a few key points that you need to keep into consideration throughout the preparation and planning stage.

Make Room for Frequent Traffic

The kitchen, like those remodeled by Caliber Kitchens, is one of the most frequently visited areas of the average home. Therefore, you need to make sure that you have enough floor space and room overall for that incoming traffic. This is especially the case if you have a large family filled with small children. Make sure that your cooktop is located far away from the general traffic area. Otherwise, you will run the risk of having your children tipping handles and causing spills.

Stay Far Away from Corners

When planning your kitchen renovation, make sure that you stay as far away from the corners of this space as well. You need to keep the doors to your appliances and cabinets fully functional, which means that you will need plenty of space to clear the doors and overall swing direction. By keeping your appliances away from the corners and ensuring that your doors do not knock against each other, you will do just that.

Identify the Purpose of the Island

If you want to have an island in your kitchen, you need to determine the desired purpose that the island will fulfill. Some people prefer to have it simply for its decorative aesthetic appeal, blending in well with the kitchen decor. On the other hand, others will want to use the kitchen island as a standard counter – making plenty of room available for the cooktop. If you are going to use your island more for function instead of fashion, your renovation design needs to factor in enough space to keep the cooktop completely separated from the actual dining room area.

Coordinate the Range Setup

While planning the design of your newly renovated kitchen, you should also consider different arrangements that you can use for your range. Instead of using cabinet or counter space, you can actually place a simple shelf next to the range in order to store your utensils, spices and also the cooking oils efficiently. Another great tip is to use S hooks creatively on a specific side of the actual range hood. These S hooks can be used to hang your pots and pans in order to conserve more cabinet space than you might realize even existed.

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Services You Can Expect From a Professional Office Cleaner

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If you own a business, keeping the office clean is an ongoing task that can test your patience. Spring is typically the time in which most people decide to undertake a thorough cleaning, and many professional cleaning companies offer deals at that time. Before you hire a cleaner, however, here are the services you can expect them to provide your company.

Window Washing—The windows of your office are one of the first things potential and existing customers will see. This is especially noticeable in high-rise buildings, where a streaked or spotted window can be a real turn-off. Professional office cleaners are equipped with industrial-strength washing solutions, squeegees, extension ladders and streak-free rags to clean your windows. They can also apply sealants to your glass, which are moisture- and scratch-resistant, and many cleaners will offer you the option of adding a film to the window, which creates a tint that can cool down your office and save on energy costs.

Steam Cleaning—If your office has carpet, a professional cleaning company will offer you steam cleaning that utilises hot water to dig deep into the fibres of your carpet to suction out dirt, dust, mites and pollen. And because the water is heated to an extremely high temperature, steam cleaning is ideal to kill bacteria that’s growing in your fibres. This not only provides cleaning, but can also improve the health of your employees, especially those with allergies. Remember that steam cleaning treatment is also available for all your upholstery and for your drapes as well. In addition, fabric couches are notorious for absorbing dirt and human sweat, which makes them ideal candidates for steam cleaning.

Wood Floor Polishing—If your office has wood floors, a professional office cleaning contractor will use what is known as a buffer to clean and polish the wood. Buffers are machines with long handles and polishing sanding pads. Buffing is a process that will sand down just the top layer of your wood floor, so that a professional cleaner can lay down a new finish. This preserves the colour of your wood, but it also removes surface-level dirt, scratches and wear-and-tear. Professional office cleaners use a two-step system to buff a wood floor. They begin by sweeping and mopping the floor, and then they use the buffer to apply the new finish.  Professional cleaners, like those at Crystal Waters Cleaning Services, will assess the kind of sanding grit level required for your wood grain before starting the job.

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Want To Keep Your Garden Looking Beautiful? Natural Ways To Control Weeds And Bugs

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If you have a garden, you want to keep it as healthy as possible. Things like bugs and weeds can seriously undermine the health of your plants. Chemicals may work to combat these problems, but they are harmful for the environment. Take care of weeds and bugs using natural products that you can find right inside your home.

Weed Control

The easiest way to get rid of weeds is to pluck them out of the ground as soon as you find them. Unfortunately you don’t always have enough time to walk through your garden plucking weeds out each day. Here are some natural ways to get rid of the weeds.


Ordinary white vinegar is an excellent way to kill the weeds that sprout up in your gardens. Fill a spray bottle half way with water and then fill the remaining portion with white vinegar. Spray the solution directly onto the weeds .Be sure to thoroughly saturate the entire weed including near the base of the weed. This solution will kill all types of weeds.

Salt And Bicarbonate Of Soda

You probably have ordinary table salt and bicarbonate of soda in your kitchen. If you do, you have a powerful weed killer right at your disposal. Simply place 240 ml of salt and 240 ml of bicarbonate of soda into a spray bottle. Add enough water to fill the spray bottle. Shake the bottle to mix the solution and then spray the solution on your weeds. The salt will remove the moisture from your weeds and the bicarbonate of soda will kill them.

Bug Control

Bugs can destroy your garden. Chemical pesticides will kill the bugs but they can be harmful to the environment and you. They can also harm your pets that may come in contact with the pesticides. Natural bug killers will rid your garden of bugs while not endangering you or your pets.

Tomato Leaf Spray

If you have tomato plants in your garden, you can use the leaves to create a powerful aphid spray. The tomato leaf spray will kill aphids on contact but will not harm the plants. To prepare the tomato leaf spray you will need 240 ml of tomato leaves, 480 ml of water and a spray bottle.

  1. Bring your water to a rapid boil
  2. Place the tomato leaves in the boiling water and continue boiling for about 15 minutes
  3. Leave the water and leaves to cool over night
  4. Fill a spray bottle with the water
  5. Saturate your plants with the tomato leaf spray

You want your garden to stay beautiful. Use these natural solutions to keep weeds and bugs from destroying all your hard work. For extra tips, consider calling a garden maintenance crew, like those at Mendel’s Mowing, to help you take care of your yard.

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Learn the Proper Way to Mow a Lawn

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Keeping your grass mowed helps to create a safe environment for your children to enjoy. When the grass gets too high, it can often become infested by dangerous animals and insects. Properly mowing your lawn is important, though. Below is a guide to help you learn how to mow a lawn with a push mower for the first time.

Prepare Your Yard

Walk around your yard and make sure that there are not any toys, sticks or rocks in your yard. Running over a rock with the mower, could shoot it into a window and break it. Sticks and toys could ruin your mower if you run over them.

Set the Height of Your Mower

Set the height of your mower first. Many mowers have small height adjusters on the sides of the front wheels of the mower. Set the height of the mower to the middle setting. This ensures that you do not mow the grass too short. If the grass is too short, it will dry up and die in the hot sun.

Start Your Mower

Fill the gas tank of your mower with gas so that it will be able to operate. There is a small button on the front or the side of the mower that you need to press four to five times to prime the engine. This helps to move the gas and oil that is in the engine to the places that need them for proper operation. To operate the mower, pull the lever toward the handle and hold it in place. Pull the draw cord of the mower firmly, and the mower should start. You may have to pull it a few times, if you haven’t started it recently.

Mow the Perimeter of the Lawn

Use the mower to mow around the outer edges of the yard. This creates a path to use when you need to turn the mower when you mow the interior portion of the yard.

Mow the Interior of the Lawn

Next, use the mower to mow the yard from the front of your yard to the back, in a straight line. When you reach the opposite end of your yard, carefully turn the mower around completely in the path that you created. Mow back to the other edge of the yard and repeat the process until the entire yard is mowed.

Mowing the grass isn’t overly difficult to do, but it can be a bit time consuming. If you find that you are not able to mow your lawn or simply do not want to do it, you can hire a professional landscaping company, like MBM Grounds Maintenance, to do the work for you. Make arrangements to have someone mow your lawn every week or every other week as needed. They will bring all of the necessary equipment to ensure that your lawn looks as great as it possibly can.

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What to Do When You Find Asbestos around Your Home

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What do you do when you find asbestos around your home? Do not touch it. This way, you avoid breaking or damaging it in a way that will release its fibres into the air. Inhalation of asbestos fibres is hazardous. It is therefore important to ensure that they do not escape into the air due to improper handling, storage, or transportation for disposal. Call for an asbestos removal expert especially if you do not understand the regulations surrounding safe disposal of asbestos. However, it is important to have knowledge on disposing asbestos and the precautionary measures.

How is asbestos disposed?

Asbestos waste must be disposed at an area that is approved by the local council as soon as it is found. Every council has its rules on how it receives the waste. Most importantly, ensure that asbestos waste is wetted and sealed using a heavy-duty plastic before transporting it to a designated waste facility or a licensed landfill. When you find asbestos in your home, contact the local council for information on conditions for disposal such as where to dispose, time for disposal, the cost and maximum amount of disposal at one time. You can consult a licensed asbestos removal company to collect and confiscate waste from your home. They provide bins, containers, drums, and skips for the waste.

Precautionary measures during disposal of asbestos

If you plan to dispose the waste at an approved site, lay the double bagged or wrapped asbestos waste in the back of a truck, utility, or trailer. Ensure that the load does not fly out or bounce to avoid tearing the plastic bags or breaking the asbestos particles. When you get to the site, dispose according to the council’s directions. Use the map created by the Protection Authority to identify the nearest disposal options.  Landfills are categorized as either domestic, commercial only, and commercial and domestic. Put on disposable personal protective equipment. Dispose the waste alongside a protective clothing and breathing apparatus. If you accidentally break the material, wipe it with a damp cloth or a paper towel. Do not use a vacuum cleaner to filter the dust.

Can I carry out asbestos removal from my home on my own?

Householders are legally allowed to carry out asbestos removal; however, this should be avoided at all costs. Unlicensed persons are only allowed to handle non-friable asbestos if the area is less than 10m2 and the total time for removal is not more than an hour in a 7-day period according to Occupational Health & Safety Regulations.  If you must handle asbestos yourself, please ensure that you have all the information and adhere to the precautionary and disposal measures discussed in this article.

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What You Should Know About Air Conditioning Units for Mobile Office Trailers

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If you opt to buy, rent or lease a mobile office trailer without air conditioning, you will need to invest in and install the unit of your choice. Following are some pointers to consider when determining which AC unit is right for you.

New vs. Used

While you can most likely save money if you buy a used air conditioner unit, bear in mind that you may spending more than you anticipated in the long run. Used air conditioning units will most likely not come with a warranty, which means that you will be left to cover the cost of any repairs that may come up. Additionally, older AC units are not as energy efficient as their newer counterparts, which means that you will have to spend more on electricity than you may have originally anticipated.

Getting to Know AC Unit Types

The most common types of air conditioning units are window units, split units, central units and portable units. The following is a short overview of the pros and cons of each unit type.

Window Units

Window units are a good option for those who have a limited budget, as they are not only relatively inexpensive but can also be installed without professional help. However, they are also quite noisy and thus not conducive for those who do a lot office work.

Split Units

Split air conditioning units do not take up a lot of space, are relatively quiet and can be installed in an office trailer that does not have windows. The only drawback to this particular type of unit is that it is not energy efficient.

Central Units

Central AC units can be perfect for small office trailers, due to the fact that the unit is installed outside the trailer. These units are also very quiet and offer even cooling to the whole trailer. However, they require air ducts in order to function properly and these ducts can sometimes leak.

Portable Units

Portable air conditioning is perhaps the least energy efficient type of air conditioning, and it is quite noisy as well. However, it can be a good option if you work alone and only use the office trailer on an occasional basis. What is more, this unit is very easy to set up without professional help.

Aside from considering the above mentioned points, you will also want to do some research before choosing a brand name and model. Look for online reviews of the model under consideration to ensure that is well made. Be sure to also consider factors such as warranty terms and conditions and installation fees. Taking the time to choose an AC unit with care will ensure that you get the best value for your hard earned cash. For more information, contact Air-Care.

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